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"I have witnessed, through my own life experience how words create change, I now encourage others to seek, write, receive and speak their own truth..."  

Yasmin Ali (Y.A) is committed to creating and performing work that challenges the issue of underestimating talent from  underrepresented communities.

As a British Bangladeshi lyricist, her expression of self through her art, challenges so many misconceptions, cultural stereotypes and stigmas.

Her career so far demonstrates her commitment to working with purpose through her practise.

Yasmin advocates and articulate messages that can only be received through the power of word.

She writes and performs with passion and a God-given talent that allows her to speak freely whilst maintaining her authenticity.​

In addition to performances,
facilitating workshops and commissions. Y.A is currently working on writing a "Novel in Verse"


Yasmin (Y.A) has headlined and featured on well known platforms and some of the most well known platforms on the UK and international spoken word scene.

FLO Poet Collective

Part of the FLO Poet collective, Y.A has been mentored by seven-time Grammy award nominee the Floacist (Natalie Stewart) of international Neo Soul duo, Floetry.

The collective perform nationwide, running workshops, public speaking and collaborating some of the UK's finest spoken word pieces with musical theatre.

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